Every business always get to the point where there is a need to rebrand or upgrade. According to Forbes, there are certain things to look out for before considering a rebrand for your business but for the purpose of this article, the focus will be on why you should upgrade & have a website rebrand.

A website designed 5 years & more ago might still be looking nice to you business owner but this article will give 3 Reasons why you need to upgrade & rebrand your website.

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Below is 3 reasons why you need to have a website rebrand today.

  • SECURITY: This is one major reason to upgrade your website after a while. There is always an upgrade in the technology world & the hacking world is not left out. To have an illegal access to a target website 5 years ago might take some strenous effort on the hacker but with updated tools available now, it is pretty easy to gain access. It is a general internet rule that you must adopt & use the latest of the latest technology.Having an updated website enables you to enjoy the benefits of an updated language base, enhanced security framework among other benefits. For the safety of your business online, consider having an update for your website today!         


  • VISUALLY APPEALING INTERFACE: With the development in plugins & css world, there’s no matching the visual outcome of a website designed now with a website designed 5 years ago.

Getting your website redesigned to match latest trend designs leads to user engagement which is key as it takes 3 seconds for a random            user to subconsciously decide whether to stay on your website or leave.


  • SPEED: Modern websites have more features/plugins for speed or a faster loading webpage. When we compare a modernised website with an outdated website in terms of speed, visuals & aesthetics, security among other reasons the advantage of a modernised website far outweighs an outdated website.

website rebrand 

In summary, why do you need to have an Updated & Modernized Website? The 3 Reasons explained above are: SECURITY, VISUALLY APPEALING INTERFACE & SPEED. Send us a mail at info.theboydesigner.com for a free consultation.

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